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Tap Turns On for £27 million Eco-water Grant scheme


ARC members are standing by to provide expert advice and support on accessing a new grant scheme, which has a deadline of 11th May 2018 for applications.

The £27 million scheme is to improve the water environment across England and has been jointly launched by Defra, Natural England and the Environment Agency.

The Water Environment Grant scheme will provide £9 million each year over the next three years to applicants applying for funding to restore local eco-systems and deliver substantial benefits to people and the environment.

Potential projects could include river restoration activities, removal of obstacles to help fish moving along rivers and streams or actions to improve the water quality.

The Water Environment Grant scheme offers a fantastic opportunity for applicants from across the country to secure funding for projects to enhance the environment, boost wildlife and benefit their rural community.

The scheme, launched by Environment Minister Therese Coffey, who is also the MP for Suffolk Coastal, is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.  They will award grants to non-profit ventures with greater support for projects which enhance water eco-systems.

Grants will be determined by the Environment Agency and Natural England and funding will be awarded in August 2018. Successful applicants will be expected to start their projects before March 2019, with completion dates of March 2021.

For further information visit the .Gov website here

ARC Consultants can give advice and support to potential applicants.  Click here for a list of ARC consultants with expertise in this field plus Neil Featherstone, at Future  Environomics.