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Sergi Jarques

Destination Research




01206 392 528


Sergi brings 20 years’ commercial research experience. Grown within the tourism industry, his company’s roots lie in the regional tourist boards.

From need assessment studies to the latest tourism stats and economic impact evaluations, Sergi can help rural businesses planning to diversify into tourism.

Sergi Jarques uses a nationally recognised and independently validated model for appraising the economic impact of tourism developments, capital investments and grant funding applications.

His Site Development Assessments are an analysis of market need and current demand of a proposed tourism development based on the latest planning policy, personalized views of local tourism experts and market intelligence.

Sergi can support clients through product development and tourism diversification:

The economic impact modelling can be used for most project involving capital investment and funding bids. These projects maybe:

  • The development of a new facility (accommodation, attraction…)
  • The expansion or refurbishment of an existing facility
  • Quantify additional productivity generated by the grant funding, using return on investment
  • Identify and quantify supply chain beneficiaries
  • Assess levels of displacement from competitors
  • Measure funding additionality (degree to which a project would be changed without agency funding).

A Site Development Assessment would include:

  • Supply – based on current registered stock of a similar type within a reasonable radius of the proposed site
  • Need – (the inability of present supply to meet demand) indicated using occupancy figures
  • Demand – an appraisal of the market trends, economic factors views from experts
  • Policy and Economic Impact – compliance with local and regional planning policies.