Anglia Rural Consultants | Richard Rampton
Anglia Rural Consultants (ARC) can provide you with expert, practical advice to help your business grow.
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Richard Rampton

RuralAdvice Limited


Bid writing

Business advice

Business planning


Farm management



Richard has a life-time career devoted to farm management as a practical manager, a teacher and an adviser.  He has practised around the world, across a range of physical and economic environments.  For the past 15 years, Richard has focussed his work in East Anglia, securing more than £25m in public funding and grants for farmers and small businesses in the region.  He has been instrumental in establishing Anglia Rural Consultants as a unique consortium of independent rural business professionals.

RuralAdvice brings an ordered and disciplined approach to farm and rural businesses, especially to their future development, be that through building on existing strengths or through additional diversification.  The client benefits from having a plan that has been tested and challenged, and that is robust and flexible.

Clients are recognised as individuals with their own objectives and plans are developed in close consultation and discussion with clients to reflect their specific and unique needs.

Richard can support clients through:

  • Listening
  • Advising
  • Networking with others
  • Proposing developments that are designed to meet the client’s needs and objectives
  • Always putting the client first and foremost