Anglia Rural Consultants | Judy Randon
Anglia Rural Consultants (ARC) can provide you with expert, practical advice to help your business grow.
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Judy Randon

Feedback CS Limited


Customer service

Rural retail

Training and mentoring



07909 542 737


Judy provides a perfect combination of professional insight with consumer level expectations and has a considerable depth and breadth of knowledge built on personal experience. She has managed businesses in Australia and the UK, and has extensive consultancy experience in rural business.

To ensure a Return On Investment (ROI) on any new product or service starts with ensuring that the customer experience is consistently great to build loyalty and trust. The meaningful and regular feedback Judy provides enables great measurement on which to build an engaged and highly motivated team. Identifying gaps in knowledge and skills through measurement is a key area. Enabling plans towards developing a high level of customer service through an engaged team can outperform the competition by up to 200%.

Judy can support clients through:

  • Developing customer service strategies
  • Providing analysis, feedback and measurement on the customer experience
  • Mentoring support
  • Training & Development for teams and individuals
  • Surveys (Customers, Staff)