Anglia Rural Consultants | Mike Appleyard
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Mike Appleyard

Appleyard Associates



Project Management



Soil and plant nutrition



01485 601 291 or 07519 949 979

Mike has had a long and diverse career in land-based businesses covering, fertilisers and soils, business banking, skills and training plus project applications and management. He can bring a wide range of knowledge to your business and help maximise your plans.

Mike Appleyard can help you save time and stay focussed when writing project/grant applications and share the burden of running projects so that you can maintain your other business interests.

He can discuss your business plans and future hopes/expansion to explore different avenues. Mike also helps you to understand why you may want to take a particular route and home in on what your real motives/direction could be.

He can talk through your workforce’s, and your own personal training/skills needs, so that you spend time and money on what is really needed.

Mike also has events experience and as a land-based careers practitioner, assist at your events when looking through options with aspiring industry entrants.

He will provide expertise on soil/crop nutrition and plant problems to maximise outputs or help avoid plant failures on farm or reclaimed areas.

Mike can support clients through:

  • Helping get to the heart of issues that matter to their businesses
  • Questioning motivations and future plans and assist with crystallising plans
  • Assisting in the process of project planning by demystify jargon whilst reducing the time needed to complete the process
  • Working on a short or longer term basis
  • Accessing some marketing design work for websites, show banners, leaflets etc to assist in promotions
  • His experience in soils and nutrition; walking over prospective land or problem areas and testing soils/plants for symptoms that may be holding back crops and plants.
  • Offering recruitment advice at events on a range of land-based industries and career paths and jobs roles.